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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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on our dime. curses, jack sparrow wins again! cue the music if you want. or not. nothing has changed. nothing has changed. >> eric: this is the fox news alert. breaking right now, new details of the ongoing and growing controversy surrounding general petraeus and now general allen. let's get the very latest from the national security correspondent. jennifer griffin who joins us from the pentagon. there are so many things coming out, breaking as we speak. give us two or three most important things you have seen and you have heard today. >> the most important thing is how the investigation is expanding. we went to bed, thinking the f.b.i. investigation ended and then we hear the f.b.i. was going back to broadwell's house, paula broadwell's
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house, petraeus' mistress in north carolina. we don't know what that is all about. then we hear shortly after that, that general john allen, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, who was here in washington preparing for his confirmation hearings for his next job at the supreme allied commanderrer in europe, the confirmation hearings are on hold and he is now implicated in this controversy, because of 30,000 pages of e-mails to jill kelly, who is the woman who launched this investigation. so it really keeps unraveling. it's like an onion you keep rolling back. we also need to look at the contentious custody battle that jill kelly's sister was involved in. we now understand that petraeus and allen both wrote letters o, asking the judge to show leniency to kelly's sister. was there undue influence used by the two men for these wome women?
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and was there, were there any laws broken? it just keeps getting, it's not as simple as the simple sexual affair at this point. >> eric: jennifer griffin, thank you for keeping us up to date. listen, folks, this story reads like a cross between tmz and a spy novel except it's true and it implicates the top spy. our top wartime general and at least three women. and exposes steps of thousands of e-mails. some extremely salacious and sexual in nature. every single moment we wake up, we turn the tv on there is a new detail. >> andrea: who needs bravo tv? cheating general, shirtless f.b.i. agent, beautiful biographer, mentally ill twin sister. real housewives of west point, right? i think you have to separate two stories here. the sex scandal and benghazi. the biggest question that everyone should be asking is did the sex scandal influence benghazi? did the daliances,
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indiscretions of the general somehow contribute to the response we got and the alleged coverup for benghazi? because people are asking. people are asking why, if this is just your typical crazy sex scand that looks a little too crazy to be coordinated, then why isn't the general testifying? why isn't hillary clinton testifying? why if there are reports he was welcoming testifying, he is not -- >> bob: if there was a rose dying to a garden you would connect it to benghazi. what are you talking about? >> eric: here is what she is talking about. general petraeus said under oath, he raised his hand and said he blamed the attack on benghazi, four heroes. blamed it on the video. said we have known subsequent to that it had nothing to do with the video. >> bob: we don't know it for sure. >> eric: i think we do. >> greg: you know you are on a plane and gaining altitude and like to look out the window to see where you came from and it gets smaller until you can't see it? that is benghazi.
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weigh goodbye as the media moves to salacious scam of sexual scandal. we have twin sisters. that means in the movie, actress can play both of them and win an oscar. mindy cohen from facts of life. i'm not sure yet. but it's destroying everybody's credibility, great for the administration. you have can't trust anyone anymore. >> bob: this sounds like "twilight zone." >> andrea: what do you mean? bob, the f.b.i. has clearly spent more time on the sex affair and investigating it than benghazi. that is a problem. >> bob: let me ask dana a question here. is it safe to assume that there was not, or was there a connection between petraeus, and broadwell and kelly, who sent e-mails to kelly and kelly and allen? >> dana: that is all to come out.
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the letter to the c.i.a. director and allen sent on behalf of the sister to deal with the custty battle -- custody battle. when you need help you want the best, most trustworthy people to write letters on your behalf. the c.i.a. director and wartime general has time to do it is suspect. >> greg: i feel like i'm at a used car lot, trying to sell you the undercoat something you don't notice there is a gaping hole in the floor. this is what bob is reflecting the media and the government refusing to tie benghazi to this. why was he pushing this? everybody knew about the affair, why was he pushing the video? >> bob: name one time between the two of these? >> greg: petraeus for one thing, everybody knew about the affair. and he was pushing the spontaneous mob thing. that is not much of a conspiracy. that is a pretty easy link to make. >> eric: there was news today that general petraeus wanted to keep the affair under wraps because he wanted to keep his job.
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you're at home saying i can't keep it straight. we want to put it to a telestrator to see what is going on. here is petraeus and his girlfriend. broadwell, broadwell sends e-mails to jill kelly because she hears that jill kelly is talking or getting close to petraeus. broadwell says stop, stay away from my guy, so she is threatened. jill kelley is threatened. she talks to the f.b.i. f.b.i. falls in love with kelley sends her shirtless pictures and gets nothing done. shoots it up the f.b.i. allen. they start to investigate and they find petraeus with a love connection going on and find general john allen who has been sending tens of thousands of e-mails to jill kelley as well. >> dana: this jill kelley must be something else. >> eric: we don't know. we don't know. >> andrea: can i say something about the shirtless photos? i've been sent shirtless photos before. >> greg: sorry about that.
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>> andrea: stop sending me shirtless photos. to all the men out, there stop sending women shirtless photos. it's not attractive. unless you are dade beckham, put a shirt and tie on. >> greg: it shows how modern communication sends men to hormonal maniacs. this is the c.i.a. we are talking about. they weren't just shirtless, they were probably flexing. there is no difference between a 13-year-old boy and 66-year-old man. they will flex until they die. >> bob: have you ever got an shirtless picture from a woman? >> greg: no, and if i did i wouldn't bring it up here. >> eric: broadwell, paula broadwell's father says there is a lot more to come. what more is there? >> dana: broadwell's father, i don't know why he can't leigh well enough alone. you the f.b.i. in their home after they announced an investigation, which seems bizarre. i don't know what they go in there to find. he reminded me of lindsay lohan's parents. that desperately want to get in the story. maybe he has something to say. he is trying to string it
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along saying there is more here than meets the eye. clearly after the telestrator a lot to figure out. senator dianne feinstein who is a democrat senator from california, head of the intel committee on the senate side has said she will use subpoena power to find out why they were not informed of the investigation that f.b.i. was doing. >> bob: is anybody else bothered by the fact that the f.b.i. can indiscremnantly go in and look at the e-mails? >> greg: not as bothered as you are. >> bob: i want to know what right they have to take away the constitution. >> andrea: why would they get involved in a story of a woman calling saying another woman is harassing me? it happens to be a general? you brought up a point everybody knew about this. eric holder knew about this in august so everybody knew except for president obama? saying he didn't know the c.i.a. director was being investigated. really? and why? >> bob: >> can we throw the screen up.
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>> bob: you want to go by this. >> eric: i have to point something out. this family, family jill kelley, very much in debt. around 11 instances they were sued for monetary issues including i believe, house sold from underneath them because they weren't paying the mortgages. this is where all the roads meet. does it concern you? >> bob: what concerns me is whatever the topic is you bring it to benghazi. and f.b.i. can look at e-mails under the patriot act, i assume, and that's another reason it should be revisited and get government out of our files. >> greg: look -- idea that obama was surprised by this, if holder knew it and he knew it. they're not just joined by the hip. they are joined by the spine. if obama smelled it, holder dealt it.
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that's a joke. you know he knew. >> bob: no, don't. >> greg: kept it until after the election. >> bob: i didn't. >> greg: that to me is more idiotic. it happened after the election, before he had to testify? >> andrea: say no one did tell the president, who is he going to fire over it? >> eric: funny you ask that question. hang in there, robert. coming up we delve deeper in implication of the scandal. two questions, is it believable that president obama didn't know about the investigation to general petraeus' issues? is america safer now that he has been removed? that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." we talk about the petraeus matter and the other things that come together with it. the white house went on record today and i will say the press secretary did a good job of making no news. >> this investigation has been
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going on for months. how is it that the white house didn't have any idea of this until the day after the election? >> well, i would refer you to the f.b.i. they have as i understand it, protocols in place for when they notify the legislative exective branchs of investigations. it's simply a fact that the without was not aware of the situation regarding general petraeus until wednesday. and the situation regarding general allen until friday. >> dana: okay. so greg, if you were president obama, wouldn't you be mad that nobody told you? >> greg: i don't think -- i think he is so happy. this is like a guy who is in a bar fight at a bar and the cops are coming to break it up and something else happen over there and he walks out. >> dana: without paying the bill. >> greg: the scand is fantastic for him. i love how the administration when they talk about benghazi, oh it's so murky. the fog of war. we don't have any facts.
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but you ask about the scandal, they have total clarity that nothing was compromised. it's like that guy when you ask him to move stuff always has a bad back. then you see him playing golf. their clayty comes and goes only when it benefits themselves. the fog of war erupts when they don't have a clue. >> dana: you were writing something seriously here. >> i'm very concerned. it didn't hear that the first time. it listened to the press conference that carney put down. he said the f.b.i. has protocol when they, when they bring in the legislative branch. here is what happens. this didn't happen here. this f.b.i. agent went rogue. he didn't get what he wanted going up to the f.b.i. ladder. he decided to contact a congressman himself who then contacted how majority leader cantor. he broke the rule. he broke the protocol. i have a problem if general petraeus is being removed or has to step down and decides to step down because of this. i don't think he should have. i think he should have come clean on what he did and still should be the director of the
5:17 pm
c.i.a. >> bob: what in the world was cantor doing in this middle of this thing andday richert from washington? >> dana: they were contacted. they didn't know about it. you can't help who contacts you. >> bob: does the f.b.i. not have more important things to do than worry about an affair? if petraeus is out why should petraeus resign? >> dana: there is something -- >> greg: you think there is something more to it. that's what you are saying. >> bob: there is more to it. the guy had an affair, he said he did. got out. >> dana: it's not about -- i don't think it's about an affair or the sex. i think americans have shown high levels of government, being forgiving about those things. but judgment. in his resignation letter, petraeus said i had major lack of judgment. can you have your director of the c.i.a. have major lapses of judgment and still be able to perform? >> andrea: you can't. that is the question why president obama didn't know about it. if he did know about it, months went by.
5:18 pm
eric holder knew about it and the c.i.a. director could have been blackmailed. which is a national security threat. aren't there better thing for the f.b.i. to worry about? >> bob: exactly. >> andrea: how about general petraeus and general mullen, sending thousands of pages of e-mails? forget the american people. our -- allen. general allen. our enemy is looking that going what is the united states doing? they look crazy. final point, the dad saying that more is going to come out and the fact that broadwell, we have her on tape, in october saying there were militia men held in the compound. a bell went off. how does she know there were militia men that could have triggered the benghazi attack. this woman knows and we were sold a story about the video by her lover. >> bob: what was the f.b.i. going through 30,000 pages of general allen's e-mails when it's none of their business? >> dana: you have a good
5:19 pm
point that americans will be scratching their heads saying that means any e-mail i have, i think because it is a cyber crime, there were threats. an agent is friend of kellys. i'll look into it. falls in love with her. shirtless photographs. then they find the e-mails. with petraeus. you really could not make it up. tomorrow, president obama will speak about this, if anyone asks him about it. likely john kerry will be announced as defense secretary and susan rice, ambassador will be announced for secretary of state. what do you think of that? >> the question we posed in the tease in the last block do you think you are safer with john kerry as a defense secretary, and susan rice as secretary of state, versus what you have right now. you have a general, four-star, maybe a five star general keeping the place safe. john kerry is the one you
5:20 pm
want? i don't think so. >> eric: the highly decorated soldier of any other soldier that ever held that -- >> eric: did he decide to keep silver stars or renounce them and throw them over the -- >> bob: he earned silver stars. >> eric: he denounced the service. >> bob: because of an illegal war. >> dana: it was reported today that eric holder will probably stay as attorney general. >> greg: that excites me because i'm a huge fan. it's incredible how the administration fail up. susan rice is appointing bill clinton as a marriage counselor. she has done nothing. we're in the passenger seat of car driven by 16-year-old that got his driver's lie sense and is texting. that's what i feel like. it call them the keystone cop ks but that would be insulting to them. the media is following the juicy pieces of gossip. we are forgetting about the
5:21 pm
important issue, benghazi. say it again to piss you off, bob. we spent so much time on the valerie plaem affair. they made in a movie and put it on cover of "vanity fair" and it was a stupid scandal. four people are dead in benghazi and we are talking about pages of e-mails. >> bob: let me ask you a question. because you don't like what she did on benghazi going around to the sunday talk show, name me one thing you know about her that disqualifies her for secretary of state? >> greg: that is enough for me. >> dana: she has had a less than shining career as u.n. ambassador. >> bob: how so. >> dana: she has big shoes to fill. but presidents get to choose who they want and if she is confirmed by the senate i wish her the best. >> andrea: of all the people to stay eric holder is the one they keep. but they let someone who is so polarizing -- that is my issue with john kerry, bob. greg, you said they are not focusing on benghazi. to give people an idea of e-mails that the f.b.i. was spending time investigating. not really cyber bullying. more like this is an e-mail.
5:22 pm
who do you think you are. n you parade around the base. you need to take it down a notch. between two caddy women. >> bob: they were focusing between allen and her and nothing to do with threats. what are they doing? the f.b.i. ought to get their act together and catch bank robbers. >> dana: i have a pretty boring life compared all these other people. >> greg: way to cover it up. >> dana: coming up, scandal commanding the headlines and obama administration is introducing some policy you will want to know about. we'll tell you what they are next. ♪ ♪ seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help.
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>> andrea: while many of you may be getting over the post election hangover, the obama white house isn't wasting a minute implementing agenda. they posted 6,021 new regulations and rules and notices on the dot-gov website. they announce plans that the federal government would sponsor two nationwide healthcare plans and closed off a million lakers of land for oil shale drilling. let's start with the first one. the president is talking about business openers to the white house and he is putting more regulations in place to likely harm business owners and a lot of people going what are all the regulations? >> eric: the sad thing they put the numbers to the regulation. the numbers are staggering. it sucks out of the economy,
5:28 pm
it's tens of billions of dollars. literally, leighing the economy, that means job growth and innovation going away and jobs overseas. here is what happens. epa alone accounts for 10 billion in lost record. i can't follow whatever, waste or this highway, grow tomatoes, i'm not doing it here. i will go to mexico and grow tomatoes. that is how regulation kills miles per hour business >> bob: that's what happened to my tomatoes. >> eric: regulation. >> bob: i find it amazing when you have something as big as the healthcare act going in a couple of years couple hundred thousand regulations is not surprising. >> andrea: they don't have to do with just healthcare, they deal with energy. a huge job creator. head of the chamber of commerce was on cavuto and said energy, that is what where we will get jobs. the feds will close off more federal land a.m. even though
5:29 pm
obama said in the debate no, we haven't. we're going to open them up. we have. >> dana: great american success story in innovation and ingenuity of technology created that is now putting america on a path to become less dependent on foreign sources of energy. that is true on state and private property. not true on the federal land, because they are pecked to death by ducks. every governor is coming up with a different plan. not only if you are an energy company do you teal with the federal government regulations you have the state government regulations that are varying. oil doesn't respect state borders. so on the energy side of thing, a big deal. also on banking and financial regulations. there is one industry that helps. lawyers. they will pore over the regulations. >> andrea: don't you think a lot of people suspect it would happen? it started before the election. they expect that the second term is just an imperialist
5:30 pm
president. everything will be down on the down low. >> greg: yeah. 68 new regulations a day for 90 days. it's like black mold in your home. you see a little there and come back and it's all over the place. regulations exist to keep regulators alive. that is what it is. self-per spech waiting machine. the thing -- self-perpetuating machine. america voted for it. this is what you got. great thing about leftism, the success is based to trick people it isn't leftism. it isn't until the person is in office they lock up areas that contain 1.5 trillion-barrels of recoverable oil. we should lock up the golf courses. if we can't drill, obama can't drive. >> bob: some of the regulations are onerous, the ones that don't allow lead in paint. >> greg: i like lead. >> bob: by the way -- >> greg: i want babies to die. >> bob: so you are for the regulation, right? >> greg: you bring up something like that. >> bob: fact of the matter is on from lands there is a lot of lumbering taking place and oil drilling taking place.
5:31 pm
so before you jump in and say it took $1.2 million out of -- >> dana: they announced it. they put out a statement. >> bob: one of the biggest is anwar, federal land. >> eric: the obama administration is going to take victory laps about a new report that came out that said in ten years, 2020, eight years, america will be the highest producer of oil on the planet. you can't thank president obama for any of the policies that he incity tuteed for the amount of oil we produce. you can thank the drilling under president bush, but most importantly you can thank all the oil shale that is coming out of north dakota, coming out of the basis and obama has nothing to do with that other than embracing private people. >> bob: god had a lot to do with that. what do you mean he didn't have anything to do with it? >> andrea: one of the scariest thing that the administration has done, they didn't get the public option they put language in obamacare to talk about how they sponsor
5:32 pm
private insurance care. we know they will sponnor two plans, according to the "new york times." multistate plans to compete in the exchanges. what does it mean? they have low premiums and very little regulation, making it hard for the private insurance to compete. bye-bye, private insurance. scary. >> bob: i have been around 40 years in president. every president, republican or democrat promulgates regulation. >> andrea: this is a public option and i asked dan ab about it. it's a pretty big deal that people don't know about. >> bob: is it a big deal. >> dana: road to two class system in healthcare, which is that people who are healthy enough will have concierge service they will be willing to pay for. they will have to pay for government plans, because if they can't compete the business will -- water finds a way, so does business. it won't be in american healthcare. >> bob: now ve a chance for republicans to put their healthcare plan down in house. >> i'm sure it will be embraced by the white house and the senate. >> bob: it will be embraced. they haven't formulated it, but that's okay. >> andrea: they formulated a plan.
5:33 pm
very big day for very little greg gutfeld. want to know why? stay with us. next. ♪ ♪ okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, nothe mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi. you know, holiday shipping's easy with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for low flat rate. yea, i know. oh, you're good. good luck! priority mail flat rate boxes. online pricing starts at $5.15. only from the postal service.
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i'm bret baier in washington. big story here, fallout from the petraeus scandal. they're trying to make sense of it all. tonight we look to answer who knew what and when and what does it mean? we look at how the petraeus affair affects the benghazi hearings as well. 50 days from the fiscal cliff, president obama and congressional leaders, republicans, digging in their heels, congress is back in session for the first time since the election. gas prices are getting lower,
5:38 pm
as we head to thanksgiving holiday. good thing, right? actually not for even. we'll explain that. in the grapevine, tens of thousands of people take a crack at seceding from the union. we'll explain. "special report" from washington at #:00 eastern and now back to new york and my colleagues with five five. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: so last week, mediaite got hold of a letter from fortham university president joseph mcshane, that guy, to his students condemning college republicans for asking ann coulter to speak on his campus. you know, because she is satan. said her rhetoric is needlessly provictive, something you never see on a college campus. apparently he never set foot in his actual classrooms. you want needless rhetoric, try talk to a tenureed marxist
5:39 pm
on faculty. that's noxious rhetoric. he's not a bad guy. he's just predictable. i am ticked with the republicans who rescended the invitation to ann. in bastion of free expression, the student group cowed to pathetic retreat, show of liberal int intolerance. but a great time for my book. it's those who pretend to be tolerant until they meet a con seventive. it's why coulter is thrown off campus and assorted left wing haters parade in. congrats to the college republicans, fortham and his president is proud of you. me, not so much, so i'm sending my book to you in the spirit of free expression you can burn it. >> bob: can you explain to us this thing you brought out here on the stage? >> greg: this is the bust.
5:40 pm
>> bob: putting a bust that size with you in it? >> greg: not that size. you make a joke of me getting in this is rich. this is going to gulf coast from november 28 to september 1. starting in florida. going tall way -- >> bob: really? >> dana: do you feel like you have just given birth to a book? >> greg:fy knew what it was like to give birth to anything, i could answer that. yes. it takes nine months. a lot of pain. you are awful throwing up in the morning. >> dana: excitement. >> andrea: but you would have bonn a mother to drink in your pregnancy. >> greg: i wrote this in a bar. >> bob: this is the bus that rock groups carry around the country where they do a lot of drinking and drugs. >> greg: that won't happen here. i'll meet a lot of excellent americans who want to read my book and get a signed copy. >> eric: can i beat b the first to shake your hand. i read part of it and it's fap
5:41 pm
tastic. >> greg: thank you. >> eric: i read the back where you mention us a little bit. could you spare the word? >> greg: no, i did. >> bob: did they -- >> greg: i did mention you. i mentioned you on the back. >> eric: i know. 225. >> greg: he knows. >> bob: you didn't put his picture in it. >> greg: i thanked even. bob, eric, kimberly, andrea, and juan. thanked dana and her husband. >> dana: what is your favorite story,ior favorite anecdote? >> greg: a chapter on pop culture and rock music and rock stars pretend to be edgy and rebellious and they're not. they have the same political tetcherment across the board. they won't let their muse bic played republican rallies. they throw a fit. but they are supposed to be rebellious but they're not. they still kiss power's butt.
5:42 pm
look how they flock to obama. real rebellion rebel against rebellion and look at people who pretend to be edgy and say i don't need to do that. >> bob: this book was directly pointed at my crowd. i will say having read it, you will enjoy reading it. >> dana: i thought it had a broader base. fake outrage that drives you crazy from both sides. >> bob: most of it was to the left. >> greg: it's not about you, bob. >> bob: you would get in fortham. the difference between you and coulter is your book tells the truth and can be supported by facts. >> greg addresses this in his book. liberals talk about free speech and diversity and marketplace of ideas on college campuses. yet, they ban someone for the marketplace of ideas. another point you can big you want except for conservative. then they go after you. >> bob: include yourself. you're conservative and dana con seventive, a lot of are wonderful and smart an but ann coulter is not one of them.
5:43 pm
>> greg: c'mon. >> eric: how are you handling the fame? >> greg: i can't walk down the treat without getting mobbed. >> eric: description of christianity and tolerance versus islam is interesting. >> greg: well, the fact is you can say fig you want. you can put on plays to mock christianity, or mormonism, but the media too smart to do that to islam, because they watch people die. >> bob: you walk down a street do you feel like china man on n.b.a. rally? chinese person. chinese person. sorry. >> dana: he is the tallest mmidget. the book was dedicated to? >> greg: andrew breitbart. he inspired my. happy warrior. fight back and forth but had a sense of humor and never took yourself too seriously. that's what this is about. not getting angry be. honest.
5:44 pm
>> bob: you will sell a gazillion copies. >> andrea: you are going to the vil lanels and i want to know if anything crazy happens on the bus. >> greg: i heard wild stuff happened in the villages. i can't wait. >> bob: i have extra prescription drugs you might want to sell when you're there. >> dana: going to reagan library. this is great. congratulations. >> greg: thank you. >> bob: you deserve it. >> greg: stop it. >> bob: we had to listen to you talk about it. >> dana: he is flushing. >> greg: coming up, something amazed we had to call a group of medical specialists to the analyze how amazing it is. see you when i see you. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with 160 more miles per tank,
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♪ ♪ >> bob: one of the saniest human beings in the world and one of the pioneers of silicon valley, john mcafee is wanted for questioning from police in belize in connection with the murder of a neighbor he had been fighting with. this time they say he remains a person of interest in crime, not a suspect. now this is the same guy, as i understand it, accused the neighbor of shooting the dogs before he accused the gang units of belize police
5:49 pm
department shooting the dogs. there are no gangs in belize. anybody who would go to belize, if you have been there before, not a place you want to live. then he hid himself -- eric, he went -- >> dana: he moved there. >> bob: moved there to avoid taxes like a lot of billionaires do. >> eric: he made all of his money and he lost it. ad killed his dogs and killed his neighbor and went to belize an buried himself in sand and put a cardboard box over his head, afraid authorities would kill him when they found out what happened to his neighbor. the bottom line, though. greg, we were talking about it. should have known to partake in bath salt. >> greg: nothing good comes from the combination of bath salt and money. they describe him as erratic. that is a nice word. >> andrea: look at his hair. no sane man has highlights like that. >> dana: when you are a billionaire can't you afford more than bath salts. >> greg: do you know what they are? it's not actual stuff you put in a bathtub. >> dana: it's not?
5:50 pm
>> greg: no. it's a drug you take that causes you to fuel certain kinds of euphoric -- >> dana: it's not a bath salt. >> dana: not the kind from walgreens. >> andrea: remember the other guy that ate the guy's face off? >> dana: i thought it was ballot salt. can't get them at bed, bath and beyond. >> bob: this is not rosewood. it makes you trippy. he was investigating properties. of a psychiatric drug. he has been known to have bath salts and thing things that look like bath salts, which is cocaine. the guy has an interesting career. as far as i can tell. maybe he didn't shoot this guy. sure he didn't. >> eric: here is the point. made money and got involved in some, what our legal drugs. right? >> bob: mdv is legal? >> no, but bath salts is. >> greg: it's too new. >> eric: the point i'm getting at, should we really
5:51 pm
be legalizing marijuana? >> greg: that is why you wanted to do the story? >> eric: put it on the street for the kids to play with? >> greg: we could have done a segment on drunk driving and say should drinking be legal? >> eric: well kids lace their marijuana with bath salts? >> dana: how many kids do you get went and got bath salts -- i can't be the only one that thought they were -- >> greg: they're so isolated, one story for every six a months. >> bob: yes, you are, the only person who thought it was salt. >> andrea: you think kids will look at that guy again? can we show the picture of the hair. we couldn't get the picture of him holding a gun. he looked crazy. i don't think anyone aspires to look like that. >> dana: he had to pay for that. >> andrea: that is the saddest part. really crazy if he gave someone money for that. he does own .9-millimeter lugeer a gun used to murder his neighbor. he's so paranoid, he said they were coming for me.
5:52 pm
i was meant to die. >> eric: the dogs? we need to point out mack afee is the -- mcafee, the security, half of the p.c.s in the country, maybe the world, are secured with firewalls by mcafee. >> bob: that is right. they're all laced with bath salts. >> greg: he sold his company for $7 billion. about $7 billion? brought it public. what happened to a man when he gets everything he wants? he goes crazy. when you have something else to work for, all you have is money, you go crazy. >> bob: i'm crazy and i don't have that money. >> you have never taken shirtless photos which is what he did, too. it comes back to shirtless photos. >> bob: years ago, you are wrong about that. >> dana: put it on your poloroid. >> bob: one more thing is next. and dana is going to explain all of these things to you, which sets her back with ozzie and harriet. ♪
5:53 pm
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>> eric: all righty. time for one more thing. dana is starting. >> dana: good news for new jersey. they are going to be very proud, because the christmas tree for rockefeller center was cut down today. it's an 80-foot tall, spruce. norway spruce, that ways ten tons. from flanders, new jersey.
5:57 pm
the lighting ceremony takes place tomorrow. no, november 13. that was a tree cutting. christmas lasts for eight weeks around here. good for new jersey. they should be proud for that. >> greg: you would applaud a murder of a tree. >> dana: i'm a monster. >> andrea: what if you don't want the tree to go to rockefeller center? you say beat it? >> bob: does the national christmas tree in the storm? day before the storm hit? >> dana: lighting is the 28th i'm told. >> eric: they put it there and take a few weeks to decorate it and light it in one night. big ceremony. you're up. >> andrea: this is very upsetting to me. kansas state board of education is thinking of getting rid of writing classes. no more cursive. so they can't learn to write a thank you note. they're so important. instead they focus on typing and say they're too busy, the students these days. they know how to type and why do they know how to write a note? i think that is really --
5:58 pm
>> dana: what would happen to them if the power goes out? >> greg: only time you write cursive is writing a check. you have try to write a check and you can't do it. you forget. banned phrase of the day is -- extramarital affair. we have been hearing about that, the last couple of days. how can you have an extramarital affair? isn't affair by the nature extramarital? it's redundant. just say they had an affair. >> andrea: there are affairs that aren't marital. >> eric: i'll go with that. andrea? >> eric: >> bob: i'm saying -- >> greg: you don't need to say extramarital. >> dana: some have an affair and not married to other people. >> greg: they're married. married means you're cheating. >> dana: i don't think so. >> greg: what kind of group are you. forget it. no more banned phrases. >> eric: buy his book. do that. black option, called duty
5:59 pm
black ops two came out today to $400 million in sales in 24-hour period. i thought you want to see what your kids are buying and what my kids bought today as well. but this is interestingly, david petraeus, general petraeus makes a cameo. you can't make this stuff up. >> dana: if you look closely in green on the thing, that is paula broadwell. hologram. >> eric: no, it's a female president interestingly enough. >> bob: that is funny. first, i want to say for myself that i've got four more years of being on the defensive. i appreciate that. 20-year-old bryce aaron max harper, who is the stars of my washington nationals. was named the national league rookie of the year. congratulations. you deserve it. did a terrific job. he's only 20. >> dana: he had a lot of first names. >> bob: he did. >> eric: one more


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